Easy2Install All in 1 Pre-assembled Switch System

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The Easy2Install switch and outlet system is the Professional and Do It Yourself solution. The system consists of combined face plate and switch or outlet units which include prewire connections to the switches by connector rail and standard terminal connection plugs. The Easy2Install electrical connection system is all incorporated into the faceplate, covered for safety and labeled for the easy install in minutes. Wiring a home or room with the Easy2Install unit is as easy as it gets for the beginners and professionals and most important you reduce install time. The faceplate Includes an easy peel off, paint mask. The system is manufactured of quality fire retardant materials and components, all standard to the industry.

Easy2Install, LLC helps the electrical contractor save time/steps by decreasing the installation process. Our all in 1 pre-assembled multi combination switch system is prebuilt at the factory and is delivered as a 1 piece unit that only requires attaching the wire circuits and fastening directly to the back box. The face plate, switches, receptacles, jumpers and protective backing with screw in terminals are pre-assembled at the factory ( looking for manufacturing investors ). We also include an easy peel off paint mask to keep our switches clean during painting.

We understand change takes time but TIME IS MONEY! So, that brings us to the million dollar question. 50 years with no new mousetrap like top photo or new time saving mousetrap like Easy2Install's all in 1 pre-assembled switch system. You be the judge.

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